Meridian Adventure Marina Club and Resort Waisai, the perfect base from which to enjoy your incredible, amazing and unbelievable Raja Ampat experiences.Wake up refreshed in one of the modern, air conditioned resort rooms, or step straight on to the dock from your very own private yacht, before enjoying a sumptuous breakfast beside the pool. If culture is what you love to immerse yourself in, then choose one of our Homestay Dive Adventures and start your day as the locals do. Hike up the nearest mountain, sink your feet in the sand or let one of our high-tech purpose-built dive boats transport you with style and speed to each new adventure. Where the azure blue sea envelops you in the wonder of the undersea world that makes Raja Ampat famous.

As a PADI Five Star Resort, scuba divers will enjoy the most outstanding and professional service, synonymous with both the PADI and Meridian Adventure names. Whether it is as a certified diver experiencing the world’s most diverse fringing coral reefs, or participating in a PADI scuba program, you will leave with memories to last a lifetime.

Raja Ampat is the literal crossroads for the Indian and Pacific Ocean species, having the greatest coral reef biodiversity for its size in the world. With so many of the world’s reefs destroyed or suffering catastrophic decline, safeguarding this treasure both above and below the water is our mission.



Meridian Adventure is an environmentally conscious organisation that aims to minimise negative environmental impact. One of our policies is to reduce the use of plastics and for this reason we do not use plastic water bottles. With all the resources consumed and the pollution created as a result of the production process, we feel that bottled water is disproportionate with its benefits. We have installed Vulcan and Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems in the resort, so all the water in the service facility is potable. By refilling the water dispensers onsite and your water bottles with fresh water, we are making a small but positive contribution towards reducing the negative impact on our environment, the creatures in it, as well as our bodies.


Our facility offers a fusion restaurant. The menu is designed with international flare, embracing food in its natural form, allowing for clean, uncomplicated flavours. Using fresh produce, we inject passion and character into each individual meal – from the vibrant breakfasts to refreshing lunches, sunset canapés and dinners. Our menus reflect our social consciousness in so far as we compliment the Waisai culinary possibilities by not competing with local restaurants.


Because we have actually been where you are going, tried, tested and tailored our itineraries, we deliver the most unforgettable and valuable experiences and activities. We reveal the incredible, amazing and unbelievable in every location. Our entire operation is set up to focus on the three important components of dive holidays. High-tech, ultra-reliable, equipment and transport to and from dive sites. The perfect dive site every time in consideration to tidal streams and environmental conditions.


Raja Ampat is a stunning tropical paradise often referred to as “diving’s final frontier”. It has the highest known concentration and diversity of marine life on earth, with 80% of all the world’s coral species, more than 1300 species of fish, 6 of the world’s 7 marine turtle species and 27 varieties of marine mammal. Meridian Adventure Dive offers you a wide selection of dive sites, easily accessible with our high-speed boats. All in the pristine marine metropolis where manta rays glide, whale sharks breed, sperm whales feed, turtles lay eggs and tropical fish dazzle you with their spectacular array of colours.


“We are dedicated to delivering amazing scuba diving experiences on behalf of our associated dive partners world wide.

We are committed to support the local community by bringing sustainable tourism. In Raja Ampat we aim to help the community obtain the revenue stream that allows them to become the custodians of the regions wild heritage. We are resolved to making a positive contribution to conservation of the ocean waters and marine eco systems worldwide. As a part of our conservation initiative we practice trying to avoid the use of single-use plastics, we promote sustainable fishing, we grow our own produce to eliminate unnecessary packing materials, we commit to regular beach and mangrove clean-ups to set the example for the community, and by showcasing the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat, we hope that our guests go home convinced that lifestyle choices can make a meaningful impact in the long-term health of our oceans.



Our customised dive boats revolutionise the functionality and comfort of dive boat operations, changing the way you will want to dive forever. The space, comfort and long range capabilities make this ideal for multi-purpose use.Fuel is stored in two tanks below the self-draining, non-slip deck with a maximum capacity of 656 litres. The hull features include aluminium keel protection and 2 towing points. The pontoons are constructed from Military Grade 1670Dtex Hypalon, with three heavy duty shark fin rubbing strakes and a full-length grab line. The tubes have internally taped seams with 7 inflation valves, 7 over pressure release valves and anchor rope bow protection. The 600mm diameter tubes make these pontoons exceptionally comfortable to ride on to and from dive sites


You do not have to be on a live aboard to see the famous Raja Ampat Dive sites. We can get to dive sites in up to an hour, where it takes liveaboards days. Our High-Performance, Low Emission, ultra-reliable dive boats revolutionise the functionality and comfort of our dive operations. The space and long-range capabilities allows this purpose-built machine to deliver 14 divers in total comfort to more dives sites faster and more efficiently than any liveaboard can, and we arrive, dive and leave with almost zero footprint. Our dive boats do not anchor near to the dive sites, our boats do not discharge sewage, detergents, toilet bleaches, greywater, black water, diesel carbon and other things into the water close to the world-renowned reefs that we all treasure.