Banded Sea Snake

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Dear fellow dive enthusiasts,

We know you share the same kind of excitement for all things ocean, as we do. That is why we wanted to share our latest sighting with you: A Banded Sea Snake (KRAIT).

They truly are majestic but mostly feared creatures, with a venomous bite that can kill you within an hour. But like most creatures in the ocean that are poisonous or venomous, they come with misconceptions.

Sea snakes are actually non-aggressive, except during mating season, and only a few Sea Snake attacks on humans resulting in death have been recorded.

They also tend to be very curious and known to have a fixation for any elongated floating object. These include things like boats, paddleboards, the air hoses of deep sea divers or even a snorkeler's fin.

Just look at this beauty...

Banded Sea Snake Video

Meridian Adventure Dive Video

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