What to Pack for Raja Ampat

The ultimate packing guide for Raja Ampat


You have planned your trip, booked your dream vacation and now it is time to pack!

Travelling to the remote islands of Raja Ampat from countries outside of Asia can be quite a trip and can even extend to 2 days of travelling, so it is important to keep that in mind when packing your carry on as well. You will also jump from one plane to the next and travel from taxi to ferry – so best to keep your luggage light and easy to handle.

On the Plane

Ensure you dress comfortably and have a jacket at hand since it can get really cold in the airplanes. In your carry-on pack an extra shirt/dress, underwear, shoes and small toiletries to keep refreshed throughout the long hours of travel.



  • Passport
  • Money (cash) for VISA on arrival – applies to your country
  • Dive Insurance
  • Dive Certification Cards
  • Prescription and allergy medication


Optional to bring, as you can buy at the resort

Waterproof dry bag to put your valuables in when going on a dive trip.

Refillable water bottle – We have installed Vulcan and Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems in the resort, so all the water in the service facility is potable. By refilling the water dispensers onsite and your water bottles with fresh water, we are making a small but positive contribution towards reducing the negative impact on our environment, the creatures in it, as well as our bodies.

Reef Safe sunscreen – Bring only sunscreen that is proven to be safe to our marine life. This includes sunscreen that does not include ingredients such as oxybenzone, homosalate, octinoxate and octisalate. These ingredients inhibit the growth of baby corals and kills coral polyps.

Buffs – UV protection BUFFS is the ideal accessory for all activities out on the ocean, to not only protect your skin from getting sunburnt – but also to absorb sweat away from your skin faster.


We have assembled a full ‘what to pack list’ here to help you get ready for your dive adventure in Raja Ampat, but below is a quick list of the most essential things we recommend you do not forget:


  • After Sun Lotion (Raja Ampat is on the equator and the sunrays are very dangerous)
  • 50+ or more sunscreen (enough to continually reapply throughout your stay)
  • A sun hat and/or BUFF
  • Polarised sunglasses will allow better viewing of reefs and marine life
  • Rashguard for when you go snorkelling
  • Rehydration Solutions
  • Dive Log Book
  • Good walking shoes for going hiking