Meridian Adventure is committed to helping the local community develop their economy, on their terms, and at a sustainable pace that meets their expectations. As part of this commitment, we are partnered with a number of local “homestays” in the Raja Ampat Regency. These are not homestays in the western sense, that is, you won’t be sharing a home but you will still be a guest of an Indonesian/Papuan family. Accommodation is provided on the family’s land in the type of housing typical of the area, and 3 meals a day are provided, making it a true cultural experience.

Meridian Adventure facilitates the booking process and provides transport from our Waisai Resort to the various Homestays. Once settled in, Meridian Adventure Dive supports your daily 2 tank dive experience, providing high-tech dive equipment, on our state of the art dive boats.

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What to expect at your Homestay

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