Explore the incredible sights of Raja Ampat.

Let us take you to some of the most iconic places in Raja Ampat, such as Piaynemo (famous lookout point), Pasir Timbul (magic sandbank) or the infamous Batu Pencil (Pencil Rock), which is only accessible via speed boat.
Piaynemo is one of the most epic locations in Raja Ampat and is well-known to be a famous Instagram spot. The climb is only a 5 – 10 minute staircase and easy enough for children or elderly people. The panoramic view is truly one of a kind and a definite must to tick off your bucket list.

Pasir Timbul is also referred to as the magic sandbank. Raja Ampat has two tides every 24 hours and leaves a period every day where you can explore the famously exposed sandbank that is normally engulfed in water during high tide.

Let us take you to one of these hidden gems at the perfect time.