Birds Of Paradise Hike

Raja Ampat has long been famous for its Birds of Paradise, ever since the ancient trade in their feathers in the
18th Century. Over 250 species have been connected to the archipelago including the well-known Greater
Bird-of-Paradise. Some of these species can be easily seen during a short excursion – but others will require an
extended jungle trek.

The tour either starts in the early morning or late afternoon. Don’t forget to bring mosquito spray, binoculars,
hiking shoes and be sure to wear dark clothing.

Blue River Excursion

Due to deep water and narrow channels flushing out the turbid water from the mangroves, areas like ‘The Blue
River’ offer lighting that will truly leave you enchanted. Be greeted by a pool of blue water that is refreshingly cold
to the touch, peacefully sleeping under a jungle canopy.

We normally prefer to go in the mornings when it is not too busy. Be sure to bring some cash if you want to buy
anything from a local store in the village, as well as hiking shoes, mosquito spray and a swim towel.

Waisai Market Visit

This small local market offers a sensory experience filled with stalls of fresh seasonal vegetables, fruit and
delicacies. Taste fruit that resembles a dragon’s egg (also known as Snake Fruit) or give your skin a Vitamin C
boost with the sweet and sticky Matoa Fruit (looks like grapes and tastes like Lychee). Buy vendor food such as
banana fritters and avocado smoothies or simply sink your teeth into a Purple Dragon Fruit (our personal